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"3DSI's solutions are secure, scalable and easy to implement. EC-Zone offers great reporting capabilities and EC-Linx offered easy integration with our existing systems."

Paul Sengstock, Purchasing Director

“Integrating anything within an SAP workflow is not easy. But with CardVault we were on time, on schedule, on budget. If we’d known there was a price-point solution in the market and that the product would be this simple, we would’ve implemented it sooner.”

– Anu Gupta, IT Director

"BNSF required a payment solution that would interface with its existing platforms. As BNSF is poised to expand other Service areas, we are confident that 3Delta Systems will continue to offer the payment solutions we need to support our railway operations."

– Sam Phelps-Roper, Manager

"3Delta Systems delivered Bosch a great advantage. We are less vulnerable to processing errors and the hosted solution frees-up valuable IT time. EC-Zone is also more cost-effective and did not require any upfront licensing fees or ongoing maintenance charges."

– Mary Jane Kornbau, Credit Manager

"We required a solution that could support a large volume of card payments and would relieve the administrative burden imposed by the terminal solution. DNV currently has three offices using EC-Zone in Houston, New Jersey and Norway. These key payment processing centers benefit greatly from the convenient and time saving solution from 3DSI."

– Mona Tzur, Customer Financial Services Manager

“3Delta Systems helped HauteLook meet our goals for securely processing our customer orders and provides support for mobile, tablet and PC-based checkout. Their willingness and capability for customizing their interfaces for HauteLook made the difference when we were shopping for solutions. 3DSI is a great partner.”

– Kevin Diamond, Chief Technology Officer

"We have used 3DSI to process payments for over 13 years. Your business consistently does the right things, your uptime is world-class, and your support team is responsive. Keep representing honorable values — you’re setting the bar high for the rest of the world."

– Phil Boyer President and CEO

“We wanted to make sure we weren’t storing the credit card information in our system so we didn’t have to focus on PCI. And all of our data is protected from one franchise to another. We needed a solution that could mimic what our systems did, protecting the data across franchises.”

– Susan Wilson Strategic Data Manager

"EC-Zone is the ideal solution to serve our multi-location processing needs. The ability to manage card transactions online and give multiple users access to card data is a tremendous value and benefit to our operations." 

– Jeff Botte, Corporate Finance Manager

"CardVault was designed to support both real-time and file-based credit card transactions, so the model was a perfect fit for U.S. Plastic. In the world of PCI compliance, CardVault also helped solve our most pressing PCI audit needs."

– Denis McNary, VP Information Technology

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