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Supported processing platforms

3Delta Systems supports all major platforms

Merchant processor networks that can receive Level-3 data and are connected to the 3DSI payment gateway include:

  • American Express
  • Elavon
  • First Data 
  • Global Payments
  • Paymentech
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions
  • Vantiv
  • WorldPay
American Express Direct

Direct connection option to American Express

3Delta Systems is one of the select few service providers with direct integration and connection to the American Express Card Authorization and Processing Network processing platform. Through this direct interface, 3DSI can offer enhanced processing options for users of the American Express consumer card, small business card and the American Express Corporate Purchasing Card programs.

This capability affords multiple benefits:

  • 3DSI offers a multi-user, multi-interface system that provides a single technology base for processing all card types. 3DSI manages the routing of American Express transactions directly to American Express while other card types flow to your acquiring processor.
  • 3DSI's CardVault® credit card tokenization solution for American Express cards allows for safe and secure transaction processing via a "token" or "alias" while removing the risk of storing card data on your organization's internal systems. A token is a replacement value for the actual card data — or primary account number. CardVault allows you to significantly reduce your organization's Payment Card Industry compliance requirements.
  • Your choice of 3DSI interfaces that can be mixed and matched depending on your business needs:
    • EC-Zone® is a virtual payment application that processes payments from a Web-browser (sometime called a "virtual terminal" or "virtual point-of-sale — VPOS").
    • EC-Linx® is designed for use with e-commerce or server-based applications that require integrated real-time payment processing and authorization.
    • EC-Batch® provides a file-based payment processing solution for a batch upload interface from a merchant's internal computer system. Batch files can be sent with mixed card types.
  • The option for intermediate enhanced card data: Level-2 data (4 by 40) format, or
  • The inclusion of enhanced card data: Corporate card line item detail (LID), also known as Level-3 data. This gives you the ability to pass descriptive data elements to qualify for the lowest available interchange rates. Level-3 data is also useful to many buying organizations that use the American Express CPC program, because a Web-based Corporate Account Reconciliation tool is included with the CPC service. The buying organization uses this Web application to track spending, allocate and classify transactions, and eliminates manual data entry of LID's which improves transaction audit and record keeping.
  • Support for American Express buyer-initiated payment (BIP) transactions or Electronic Accounts Payable push-pay methods. Card data can be securely stored online and processed for repeat customers.
  • Improve PCI data security compliance through elimination of onsite stored card data.
  • Minimize card network processing fees.

Our American Express direct service includes processing in U.S. dollars, as well as Canadian dollars for clients with a presence north of the U.S. border.

Please contact us to discuss this option further or to sign up for this service.

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