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Safe and secure credit card storage


CardVault — the leading tokenization and storage service for credit card numbers and other sensitive financial data — delivers a cost-effective, world-class solution for companies that demand the highest quality payment data security, storage integrity and a variety of processing options. It has been the choice of e-commerce retailers, B2B and B2G companies since 2003.

With CardVault, you minimize your breach risk by removing sensitive card data from your environment and storing it instead at 3DSI’s PCI-DSS-certified data centers. It’s available with a variety of payment processing options or as a stand-alone offering.

CardVault supports Level-3 transactions to help B2B clients realize lower interchange rates on those transactions.

Bundle it with processing from one of our many processing partners. Or, if you have a processor relationship already or need processing outside of the U.S. or Canada, use it as a stand-alone tokenization service without processing.

You can integrate it within your ERP system for simplicity and convenience.

And for added security in card-present transactions, add point-to-point encryption.

Choose your card-collection option

CardVault offers several ways that you or your customers can get sensitive data into our secure systems and keep it out of yours:

  • Silent POST: Your customers enter data in a seamlessly integrated web portal on your website, with sensitive card data delivered directly to 3DSI — never entering your system.
  • Hosted Page: Your customers enter data on a 3DSI-hosted web page, preventing sensitive data from ever entering your system.
  • Web Services: System-to-system communication exchanging cardholder data and tokens.
  • SAP/ERP-integrated module: CardVault’s power, accessed directly in your ERP system.

Flexible implementation

CardVault’s platform-neutral design lets you implement it on your existing host system, and you can integrate with enterprise accounting and back-office solutions such as SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Microsoft and more. Once you securely transfer legacy card data to 3DSI for tokenization, you can purge that data from your system and rest easy. From there, you have the choice as to how you use CardVault.

  • Let us assign tokens to accounts or assign them yourself. Format-emulating options are available.
  • Process server-to-server transactions in real-time or in file-based batch.
  • Update, add or delete cardholder records in real-time.

Customer convenience

You or your customers can manage their profiles without you ever needing to store card data on the host system. Update any saved field, including cardholder name and expiration date, without retrieving card information. And CardVault stores their account information for later visits, eliminating the hassle of re-entering data.

How it works

Tokenization Process Flow

  1. Enter transaction info and card data in your ERP (or order entry system or web commerce site).
  2. The invoice is approved through your normal process.
  3. Your ERP sends transaction info and card data to 3DSI.
  4. We send transaction info and card data to the card network for processing. We store and tokenize the card data.
  5. Card network provides us with the transaction result.
  6. We send the transaction result and token to your ERP.
  7. ERP updates the order with the transaction result and updates the customer profile with the token.

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