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3DSI, JP Morgan Commerce Solutions pair up for card processing in 100 currencies

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CHANTILLY, Virginia — Aug. 5, 2016 — Merchants can now do business worldwide, with technology allowing them to process card payments in more than 100 currencies, using Payment WorkSuite®, a powerful, secure payment gateway by 3Delta Systems®, coupled with JP Morgan Commerce Solutions.

From the AUD to the ZAR — those are currency codes for the Australian dollar and the South African rand — Payment WorkSuite’s applications now allow businesses to accept that currency and settle in one of 12 currencies.

­“3Delta Systems is proud to give companies the potential to grow, literally, without boundaries,” said CEO Allen O. Cage Jr. “3Delta Systems was founded 17­­ years ago on the concept of simplifying payments processing for companies, contractors and government agencies. Processing multi-currency payments with JP Morgan Commerce Solutions allows merchants to find customers all over the world, and let those customers pay for goods or services in the currency they’re most accustomed to using.”

Accepting payments in international currencies can open new markets in foreign countries for businesses and give a company’s existing foreign customers an easier way to pay for goods or services without having to calculate money conversions to determine a final price.

This new feature is great news for companies seeking a powerful, flexible and secure payment gateway with international capabilities. It’s also a great fit for many of 3DSI’s customers, which include B2B, B2C, enterprise and e-commerce leaders.

About 3Delta Systems

3Delta Systems Inc., based in Chantilly, Virginia, is an innovative payment solutions company and a pioneer in safeguarding confidential payment data. Our Internet-based systems for processing credit cards and purchase cards deliver peace of mind to customers by increasing their productivity, cutting operating costs, lowering business risk and strengthening security. 3DSI’s complete suite of payment solutions are designed from the ground up to be scalable, easy to implement and conform with PCI Data Security Standard best practices so that merchants and buyers can manage, authorize and settle card transactions in real time. 3DSI processes an average of more than 2 million transactions per month for more than 19,000 merchant accounts and 21,000 users who handle corporate and e-commerce payments — and has processed more than $132 billion in payments. For more information, visit 3DSI.com or follow us on LinkedIn.


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