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SAP-Certified Integration for Buyer-Initiated Payments

Integrating SAP with our EC-Pay buyer-initiated payment solution is easy, so you can begin making card payments within weeks, not months. And the system is flexible enough to meet a wide range of business needs and models.

The SAP-certified integration is the result of an exclusive North American partnership between 3Delta Systems and London-based Enterprise Payment Solutions®. With this exclusive integration, SAP users can streamline their AP process and push payments directly into suppliers’ bank accounts — all within their existing SAP environment and without having to bolt on third-party middleware.

By integrating EC-Pay with SAP, you can:

  • Work with any bank and any card issuer, which means you can keep the relationships with your existing providers.
  • Use the current SAP workflow and tools you’re familiar with.
  • Aggregate multiple invoices into a single transaction or process one transaction per invoice.
  • Track, log and provide an audit report of all payment and transaction requests.
  • Save time and money by increasing the dollar value and number of invoices paid electronically, which results in greater automation of purchase orders and more efficient invoice management.

Plus, EC-Pay with SAP integration is both fast and secure:

  • Sensitive card data is never shared with your suppliers.
  • The solution meets compliance requirements for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • Exceptions are handled immediately through real-time integration of your SAP system to EC-Pay, removing the burden of manual exception handing for your AP department.
  • Your suppliers receive prompt payment with electronic remittance information after their invoice is approved in SAP.
EC-Pay Features

EC-Pay offers you the control and flexibility you need to make your AP processes more streamlined and secure:

  • Powerful transaction processing.
    • Transaction processing is driven by our high-performance, secure payments platform.
    • Any transactions that fail are rebooked into the SAP framework to be retried on the next payment run, ensuring that the general ledger accounts are accurate as of the moment.
  • Integration and reporting.
    • Every SAP installation can use the same system because it employs standard SAP web-based integration technologies.
    • Detailed remittance advice can be sent with the payment, allowing suppliers to quickly reconcile.
  • Flexible design and easy implementation.
    • Easily switch banking partners at any time without impacting your AP operations.
    • Work within your existing business processes.
    • No extensive training required.
  • Process all major card brands.
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • Diners Club
    • JCB

SAP Integration Features

Through Enterprise Payment Exchange®, the SAP-certified integration piece that resides within your SAP system, we can provide you with the following features:

  • Fully integrated with ECC 6.0 ERP platform and configurable based on your needs.
  • No additional server architecture required.
  • Reporting and reconciliation tools in SAP.
  • Reduced PCI DSS Compliance issues.
  • An SAP-certified solution.

How It Works

EC-Pay Process Flow

  1. A supplier (who is enrolled to receive P-card payments on the 3DSI platform) submits an invoice to your AP dept.
  2. The invoice is approved through your normal process.
  3. In your ERP/AP system, you initiate payment instructions to 3DSI’s EC-Pay service.
  4. EC-Pay submits the P-card payment to the supplier’s card processor in real time.
  5. EC-Pay also sends an electronic remittance to your supplier.
  6. The supplier’s processor deposits funds into the supplier’s bank account while the card networks process the transaction.
  7. Your card issuer’s P-card reporting system receives the fully processed transaction and typically sends a transaction report to your SAP system, positively closing the payment loop.

Bonus: All parties can make use of the Level-3 line item detail capabilities of the EC-Pay system to ensure transaction accuracy and reconciliation capability.

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