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Supplier portal


Rely on our secure supplier portal to share sensitive payment information and associated data when paying suppliers through your commercial payments platform.

AR-Exchange is an innovative remittance delivery channel that streamlines how suppliers receive payment information in one secure, easy-to-use application. And with AR-Exchange's Quick View functionality, suppliers can view and download transaction and remittance information for all payments made.

AR-Exchange can seamlessly integrate with the EnCompass® commercial payments platform by 3DSI's companion company, AOC Solutions®, or with your existing platform.

And there's no required registration; suppliers simply access AR-Exchange's Quick View through a link in the remittance.

Benefits for suppliers

With AR-Exchange's Quick View, a simple email link offers suppliers:

  • Secure access to payment information (credit card account numbers, check info, etc.).
  • More efficient back-end reconciliation, with ability to download both invoice only and full remittance data (Excel and CSV options).
  • Instructions that help suppliers understand what to do about a payment.
  • Real-time updates to payment status.
  • Reduced exposure to check fraud (with acceptance of electronic payments).

And with free registration to AR-Exchange's full portal, they also gain:

  • Access to expired payments and searchable payment histories.
  • Custom reporting — with exportable results and savable templates.
  • A simple way to see and download information across multiple payments and customers.
Benefits for your buyers
  • More streamlined and secure payments.
  • Increased revenue share potential when more payments are made electronically by card.
  • Enhanced payment security (fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and lower risk of fraud.
  • Multiple security features, including a session timer and optional PIN protection (with single-use card payments).
How it works

AR-Exchange Process Flow

  1. Buying organization creates payment log via its AP platform, integrated with AR-Exchange.
  2. AP platform adds payment by submitting buyer ID and payment and remit information to AR-Exchange; AR-Exchange returns Quick View URL to AP platform.
  3. AP platform emails supplier the Quick View URL.
  4. Supplier follows link to view and download payment and remittance details through AR-Exchange’s Quick View.