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Industry Insight

Sea change: How market forces are altering the AR and AP professions

Financial Operations magazine readers learn how 3Delta Systems and AOC Solutions are applying their respective expertise in payables and receivables workflows to create a portal that connects buyers and sellers in a seamless, secure network robust enough to address the opposing demands of insurance and healthcare providers, both of which require high levels of detail and zealous protection of privacy.

B2C Takes a Page from the B2B Payment Security Playbook

In this cover story for Canada’s Payments Business magazine, 3Delta’s Rick Ricker explores the risks inherent in NFC and EMV payment technologies compared to the high security that tokenization offers based on one simple premise: cyber crooks can’t steal data that isn’t there.

Seamless Level-3 Credit Card Processing and Secure Tokenization for SAP Users

3Delta Systems’ Rick Ricker and U.K.-based Enterprise Payment Solutions outline for readers of Supply Demand and Chain Executive magazine how a new, SAP-certified payment and tokenization solution allows SAP users to manage customer sales orders, authorize and settle customer credit card payments as well as fortify network security with placeholder tokens.

Best Practices To Nix Card Fraud, Cybertheft (requires free login)

Rick Ricker, vp of enterprise payment solutions at 3Delta Systems, shares 10 best practices with corporate AFP Fraudwatch readers to use for protecting their customers' sensitive credit card data and minimizing their exposure to online payment scams. The full list of best practices can also be downloaded here.

Visa, MasterCard, Amex make the Case for Tokenization (requires free login)

3Delta Systems' Rick Ricker describes for AFP Fraudwatch readers how the card brands are borrowing a tactic from the B2B card processing playbook for their proposed global tokenization standard for B2C mobile and digital payments. Ricker explains how providing detailed, Level-3 transaction information on an itemized invoice has helped many 3DSI business and government customers save significant amounts of money.

An Unwinnable War: Combatting the Threat of Cybercrime

Being aware of an online attacker's arsenal is the first step for A/R and A/R professionals in combatting cybercrime, 3Delta Systems’ Rick Ricker and AOC Solutions’ Tammy Haug explain how financial professionals can deadbolt their companies’ cyber doors to keep hackers at bay in this issue of Financial Operations magazine.

Cyber Attacks: Is Your Enterprise a Sitting Duck? (Part 1)

With a “malware event” hitting organizations an average of once every three minutes, enterprises are facing an unprecedented surge of highly targeted, sophisticated threats designed to evade traditional detection technologies. 3DSI’s Rick Ricker outlines for Tribute blog readers why tokenization is one of the best ways an ERP can protect its customers’ credit card data from cyber criminals.

Cyber Attacks: Shoring Up Your Enterprise Defenses (Part 2)

Hacking sprees spanning many years have cost corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in losses plus lawsuits, damage to brands and stiff fines for failing to comply with PCI DSS rules. 3DSI’s Rick Ricker explains for Tribute blog readers how CardVault lets businesses easily accept and process customer credit card payments while protecting that data from hackers.

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