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Insight on Merchant Payments and Data Security from 3Delta Systems

Tech no prisoners: Ensuring your customers can buy

Published: Dec 12, 2017  |  Author: Rick Ricker

You’ve worked hard to get potential customers to find your company. And you’ve worked hard to get them ready to buy from your website. Now don’t blow it in the third act.

That’s might sound obvious, but even the big retailers can suffer high-profile failures at that point. Just ask Macy’s, for whom Christmas is becoming the most blunderful time of the year. The retail giant, long associated with the holidays, thanks largely to its annual Thanksgiving Day parade, experienced technical issues preventing some Black Friday sales for the second year in a row. 

Recurring payments: 3 big wins for merchants and customers

Published: Nov 17, 2017  |  Author: 3DSI staff

Chances are, you’re company is already handling some recurring payments for your customers — even if your business model isn’t totally subscription-based.

Maybe you’ve got a portion of your business dedicated to annual inspections. Or maybe you’ve got customers making big-ticket purchases but you’ve agreed to break that down over 12 monthly payments. Or maybe you do have subscription-based sales, but they’re not a majority of your business.

You don’t have to be a Netflix or a Gold’s Gym to realize the benefits of recurring payments, though. Even in the cases outlined above, your company could realize time and cost savings by automating customers’ recurring payments with your payment gateway. (And if your payments system doesn’t support recurring transactions, it might be time to think about moving to one that does, like 3DSI’s Payment WorkSuite.)

The Equifax of Life

Published: Oct 24, 2017  |  Author: 3DSI staff

In 2001, a renowned Australian banker learned about a forthcoming airline merger before the information became public. Based on this insider knowledge, the banker, Rene Rivkin, bought 50,000 shares in one of the companies, Qantas Airways.

He earned about $2,600 on the sale. This is chump change in insider-trading circles, but it was, of course, still illegal. He was convicted and fined $30,000 and ordered to serve weekend jail time for 9 months.

Rivkin was a successful entrepreneur, once named Stockbroker of the Year by Business Review Weekly. Smart people sometimes make stupid decisions.

Which brings us to this year’s Equifax breach.

Making buyer-initiated payments simpler with web tools

Published: Sep 27, 2017  |  Author: Kelly Atchley

Yesterday 3Delta Systems and its companion company, AOC Solutions, announced that EC-Pay, the companies’ buyer-initiated payments platform, is now accessible through a web-based interface, with no ERP integration required.

What does that mean for you?

Historically, buyer-initiated payments were primarily used by large companies with robust ERP systems (such as SAP, Oracle, and the like), with EC-Pay integrating directly with those ERP systems. Now, if you’re a smaller company — or if you simply want to bypass ERP integration — you can get all the same benefits of EC-Pay through a cloud-based platform that’s safely and securely accessed using your web browser.

Avoiding Equifax’s mistake

Published: Sep 13, 2017  |  Author: 3DSI staff

The story so far: Equifax, one of three main companies running that monitors people’s credit, was compromised by hackers. The hackers now have personal data for as many as 143 million people, nearly half of us 321 million Americans. Most alarmingly, that data includes people’s social security numbers. You can change a bank account or get a new credit card number, but you simply can’t change your social security number.

And while many articles have addressed what consumers need to do after this massive data breach, including keeping a careful eye on credit reports and setting up security freezes, businesses may be wondering what they need to be doing to avoid Equifax’s disastrous pitfall.

Here’s that one thing every company can do.

An email link to deliver quicker card payments

Published: Sep 07, 2017  |  Author: 3DSI staff

So what is 3Delta Systems’ new, Secure PayLink, and why is it a big deal?

Put simply, it’s a way for merchants to get paid for card-not-present sales faster, safer and cleaner.

We launched the Secure PayLink feature today as part of EC-Zone, our virtual terminal component of the Payment WorkSuite payment gateway. It’s amazingly simple to use.

But first, let’s cover why you would use it.

Cyberthieves after more than credit card numbers

Published: Aug 30, 2017  |  Author: Rick Ricker

When we talk about the risk of data breach for your company, our general message is this: Your risk is in the cards.

Specifically, we’ve been talking about credit cards and payment cards and the tokenization solutions you can employ to protect them.

But how about other types of Personally Identifiable Information? This can be stolen to create false identities and create fictitious credit accounts and other nefarious purposes. A huge, vulnerable group we haven’t talked much about: Companies that store health care information. These companies, with their files of clients’ dates of birth, social security numbers, and all manner of PII, are a prized target for cyberthieves.