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Insight on Merchant Payments and Data Security from 3Delta Systems

Bad news about the ‘lower cost’ of a data breach

Published: Jun 27, 2017  |  Author: Rick Ricker

When is the falling price of a data breach not a reason to celebrate?

When you live in the United States.

On-demand webinar: Using P2PE to beware of malware

Published: Jun 08, 2017  |  Author: Brad Barnes

Malware has leapt into the public’s eye this year.

It was the point of entry for WannaCry’s 230,000 ransomed computers last month.

It is behind the newly surfaced Fireball browser takeover, affecting 250 million PCs.

It was under the hood of a Russian attack on Department of Defense employees who used Twitter.

Malware accounts for 90 percent of data breaches, says Ruston Miles, chief innovation officer for Bluefin Payment Systems.

And with the cost of a breach at $165 per stolen record, “Certainly the stakes are very high,” says Miles. “If only we knew what the solution was.”

Why you should be worried about WannaCry 3.0

Published: May 25, 2017  |  Author: 3DSI staff

If you’re hunkered down, waiting for the fallout from the second wave of WannaCry ransomware, you might be looking too short-term.

You should be bracing for Wave 3.

Payment solutions for ‘big and hairy’ business cases

Published: May 10, 2017  |  Author: Rick Ricker

It may be easy for us to understand how a small- or medium-sized business has grown without nailing down a good credit-card payment solution. Many companies, particularly in the business-to-business or business-to-government realms still do most of their business via phone or mail order. Some are using online marketplaces designed for start-ups.

But a large company — a Fortune 500 company even — can do millions of dollars in business annually, with hundreds of thousands of transactions, all without having a good credit card payment strategy.

Trust us on this.

How to understand — and calculate — your Level-3 savings

Published: Apr 20, 2017  |  Author: Mike Holmes

3Delta Systems is an expert in a wide array of payments scenarios. Need a web-based gateway for low-integration payments? Need a transparent card tokenization answer on your checkout page? Need batch processing? Need a buyer-initiated payments system to speed up, and clean up, your AP process?

We’re your team for all of that, and lots more.

But one of the more unique niches 3DSI has carved out is as the go-to provider of a payment system that can pass Level-3 data from merchant to processor, yielding significantly lower interchange fees the merchant has to pay on qualifying B2B and B2G card transactions.

When to move to an integrated payment solution

Published: Mar 22, 2017  |  Author: Rick Ricker

As your business and card volume grows, you’ll save money by having your processing contract on “interchange plus” pricing, also called pass-through rates, on card transactions through a gateway that supports Level-3 data.

Interchange plus rates are lower and more transparent than tiered pricing, where you don’t often get the benefit of lower interchange from enhance data or other good card processing practices.

If you’ve moved into that medium-company range, between 1,000 and 10,000 card transactions a month or so, you’re doing enough volume to seriously consider an integrated solution.

Card payments up, checks down, fraud on the move, says Fed

Published: Mar 02, 2017  |  Author: Brad Barnes

Card payments are growing, as is the card fraud that’s tied to them, and check payments continue to erode, according to the latest federal data.

The news comes from the “Federal Reserve Payments Study 2016.” And if the information doesn’t sound groundbreaking, it does come as an endorsement of what sources in the payments industry have been saying for some time.