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EC-Batch: File-based payments


EC-Batch is perfect for B2B companies needing file-based or batch processing of card authorization or settlement transactions, and it's also a great fit for high-volume mail order/telephone order B2C business.

EC-Batch is a flexible payment solution designed to support the requirements of businesses that don't need real-time authorizations, and it's most typically used in higher-volume order entry, repeat invoice, subscription or ongoing billing cases. With EC-Batch, you can aggregate and transmit secure files of transactions to Payment WorkSuite at your discretion and on your schedule.

Use it as a stand-alone application, or add other components of Payment WorkSuite — CardVault, EC-Zone and EC-Linx — to fit your needs, with confidence that the applications will work together seamlessly.

Easy implementation

You’ll have a small learning curve, as we use industry standards for file encryption and delivery. For example, we use PGP encryption to secure card information as it is transmitted to or from 3DSI, and the familiar FTP, FTPS or SFTP protocols are used for file delivery over the Internet.

The application’s integration specification clearly explains how to submit transaction data in the required format, and our technical staff will work with you to ensure a quick and smooth implementation.

You can easily integrate EC-Batch into order entry applications, fulfillment systems and ERP systems running on any platform and operating system.

Flexible processing

EC-Batch supports any number of files a day, and each file can contain an unlimited number of records. You’ll have no need to schedule or limit files — deliver them to us when you like, and we’ll return transaction response files.

Custom branding

Merchants can add their logos to transaction receipts issued to their customers for added polish and brand recognition. Other customization options are available too:

  • Use your logo in place of the Payment WorkSuite logo throughout the application.
  • Change the default color of your portal to one of three stock color schemes.
  • Let us create a custom log-in URL that ties the portal closely with your company’s website URL.

Most customization services carry a simple one-time fee.

Interchange rate discounts

For B2B and B2G purchasing cards, you can get the best rates available by using EC-Batch’s Level-3 line-item detail on transactions. And the application supports card association security requirements, like address verification, needed to qualify for lower cost interchange rates. Learn more about 3DSI’s Level-3 support.

Broad acceptance and support

EC-Linx supports all major card brands: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

Supported platforms include:

  • American Express CAPN Direct
  • Elavon
  • First Data
  • Global Payments
  • Paymentech
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions
  • Vantiv
  • WorldPay

With EC-Batch, you can process your transactions directly with American Express, giving your AmEx customers a faster, simpler and safer transaction. American Express Direct also qualifies your business for the lowest available interchange rate on transactions with enhanced data.

How it works

EC-Batch Process Flow

  1. Order Entry – Transaction information and payment card data is entered into the merchant’s ERP order entry or billing system where it is stored for later processing.
  2. Transaction File Transmission – The merchant’s ERP, order entry or billing system sends an encrypted file containing transaction information and payment card data to 3Delta Systems® via EC-Batch®.
  3. Authorization Request – 3DSI sends transaction information and payment card data to the card network for processing.
  4. Authorization Response – The card network provides 3DSI with the transaction results.
  5. Transaction Results – 3DSI places an encrypted file containing transaction results on an FTP server where the merchant’s ERP, order entry or billing system retrieves it.
  6. Order Completion – The merchant’s ERP, order entry or billing system is updated with the transaction results.

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