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Payment WorkSuite: High-performance payment platform

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Payment WorkSuite is a high-performance payment platform with deep, multilayer security to give peace of mind to you and your customers. Payment WorkSuite helps you manage payment processing easily and navigate the growing complexity of data security requirements.

As a result, you’ll increase productivity while reducing costs and business risk. Payment WorkSuite sets the new standard for account and payment integrity through comprehensive security, extensible design and franchise management.

Need real-time payments? Batch processing? A web-based virtual terminal that offers the power to schedule recurring payments or send your buyers a Secure PayLink via email for secure immediate payment? You can precisely choose the solution for your business needs with Payment WorkSuite’s modular design. Use them as stand-alone applications or seamlessly integrate them with CardVault or other Payment WorkSuite modules for added security and flexibility. You control access and use of each application through assignable permissions and security measures.

Payment WorkSuite is compatible with a wide range of payment processing platforms and supports over 100 currencies.

Web-based payments

Manage payments using your existing system with no special hardware or software — just a web browser and internet access — with EC-Zone, Payment WorkSuite’s browser-based payment application designed for manually processing purchasing card and credit card payments.

With EC-Zone, you can easily add advanced features. Use a Secure PayLink to send a pay-by-email hyperlink to customers. Schedule recurring payments for regular expenses like subscriptions. Tokenize DDA (bank account) data, or really any data you like.

Real-time payments

For server-to-server real-time credit card authorizations via the internet, choose Payment WorkSuite’s EC-Linx. It can be integrated directly to your e-commerce application, enterprise resource planning system, networked point-of-sale or back-office finance system.

File-based batch payments

If your business model includes high-volume order entry, repeat invoice, subscription or ongoing billing cases, you may need a file-based or batch processing of card authorizations or settlements. EC-Batch is designed to securely deliver batch files for businesses that don't need real-time authorizations.