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Tokenized Level-3 card processing in SAP

Integrating SAP with our CardVault credit card processing solution is easy, so SAP users can begin accepting credit card payments within weeks, not months. And the system is flexible enough to meet a wide range of business needs and models.

The solution is the result of an exclusive North American partnership between 3Delta Systems and London-based Enterprise Payment Solutions®. It allows SAP users to accept, process and secure customer credit card payments directly, without having to bolt on third-party middleware.

By integrating CardVault with SAP, you can:

  • Get lower interchange rates with Level-3 data.
  • Improve security with tokenization.
  • Initiate card transactions within SAP.
  • Increase employee productivity.
Flexible Application

CardVault is fully integrated with ECC 6.0 and configurable based on your needs — with up to four application modules that reside fully within your SAP system, using available SAP Web-service interfaces to communicate securely to 3DSI’s payment gateway.

Our application gives you a broad range of functions:

  • Automated payment and clearing background processes.
  • Card authorization processing (charges, refunds and stand-alone credits).
  • Offline and manual authorization integration.
  • Secure card data tokenization from orders and stored cards.
  • Settlement or capture processing.
  • Enhanced data (Level 2 and Level 3) for settlement or capture processing.
  • Enhanced management information processing within SAP.
  • Reporting and reconciliation tools within SAP.
  • E-commerce web-application integration.
  • Accounts receivable integration.