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Browser-Based Virtual Payment Application

EC-Zone® is 3Delta Systems' (3DSI) browser-based payment application.

EC-Zone is a virtual payment system designed for manually processing purchase and credit card payments.

Use your existing system with no special hardware or software. All that is required is a Web browser and Internet access. EC-Zone is fully integrated into Payment WorkSuite, a high-performance payment platform that gives businesses of every size the ability to manage the increasing complexity of payment and data security requirements.

You can choose to use EC-Zone as a stand-alone application, or add other feature-rich components of Payment WorkSuite – CardVault, EC-Linx, EC-Batch, EC-Sentry and EC-Navigator – to fit your needs, with confidence that the applications will work seamlessly together.

And with EC-Zone, American Express Direct is available, allowing Payment WorkSuite to process your transactions directly with American Express. This gives your customers a faster, simpler and safer transaction when using American Express. It also qualifies your business for the lowest available interchange rate on transactions with enhanced data.

Branding Options for Merchants and Reseller Partners

Branded email receipts: At a basic participation level, merchants can add their logo to transaction receipts issued to their customers for added polish and brand recognition.

Private label interfaces: In addition to the features available in the basic participation level, partners, resellers and merchants who select the semi-custom or custom option will be able to add their company logo to the Web-browser, EC-Navigator interface.

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