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3Delta Systems Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence Processing Business Payments and Protecting Credit Card Data from Security Breaches

About 3Delta Systems

3Delta Systems, Inc. – based in Chantilly, VA – is a payment solutions company whose innovative, Internet-based systems for processing credit cards and purchase cards deliver peace of mind to B2B and B2G customers by increasing their productivity, cutting operating costs, lowering business risk and strengthening security.  3DSI’s complete suite of payment solutions are designed from the ground up to be scalable, easy to implement and conform with PCI Data Security Standard best practices so that merchants and buyers can manage, authorize and settle credit card and p-card transactions in real time.  3Delta Systems processes more than 1 million transactions per month worth over $1 billion for more than 10,000 merchant accounts and 30,000 users who handle corporate and government payments.  Since 1999, 3DSI has served more than 6,000 corporations and government agencies.  For more information, visit  You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and on the CardVault blog.

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3DSI Marks 15-Year Anniversary as Champion of Data Privacy Day

CHANTILLY, Va. – January 28, 2014 – Fifteen years ago this month, 3Delta Systems, Inc.® (3DSI) trailblazed a new path in the payments industry by applying best practices to process credit card transactions more efficiently for small businesses, large corporations and government agencies.  The company also found its niche helping merchants save money on their interchange “swipe” fees by adding invoice-like information known as Level-3 line-item detail to each customer card purchase.  Today, more than 4,800 merchants – from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 25 companies – look to 3Delta Systems for excellence in processing their customers’ card transactions while lowering transaction costs.

In 2003, 3DSI pioneered a tokenization service called CardVault® to protect confidential credit card data from would-be cyber thieves – well before the major card associations required merchants to adhere to breach-prevention guidelines known as the Payment Card Data Security Industry Standard (PCI DSS).  CardVault’s advanced technology replaces credit card purchase data with randomly generated reference keys that safely convert real 16-digit card numbers into a string of characters that would be useless to a cyber criminal if stolen.  This process completely eliminates card data from a merchant’s internal systems, much like emptying a warehouse so a thief has nothing to steal.  Today, CardVault safely tokenizes the data on millions of credit cards at some 5,000 merchant locations either as a standalone service, in combination with payment processing or seamlessly integrated within an enterprise’s SAP®  environment.

One of the first to use CardVault was U.S. Plastic Corporation, an e-commerce manufacturer and distributor of 25,000 plastic products serving more than 85,000 customers.

“No data stored on our local servers means no risk of a breach from a hack attack. That means I sleep better at night knowing CardVault is keeping our customers’ confidential credit card data safe,” said Denis McNary, vice president of information technology at U.S. Plastic Corp. “We’ve relied on CardVault for eight years to secure our customers’ card transactions across all our order entry channels – call center, website and mobile devices. It’s fast, reliable and accurate for both single-card processing and file-batch processing. And CardVault has helped our company achieve its yearly PCI SAQ requirements.”

As part of its 15-year anniversary observance, 3Delta Systems is also championing Data Privacy Day, an international awareness campaign held every January 28 to motivate all companies and Internet users to make protecting their data and privacy a greater priority.

“Three major retailers recently fell victim to massive data breaches: Target, Nieman Marcus and Michaels stores,” said Todd King, chief product officer of 3Delta Systems and its parent company, AOC Solutions, Inc. “These latest breaches are sobering reminders that protecting customer credit card data is not a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ process, even if a company is PCI-compliant.  In today’s highly digitized world, stopping breaches means eliminating the vulnerabilities that cause them.  Tokenization has become one of the best strategic weapons for safeguarding sensitive information by securing the data itself, rather than just the path to that data.  It’s one reason why CardVault has become such a powerful tool in the security arsenal of a growing number of companies.”

CardVault is particularly well-suited for business-to-business (B2B) companies that:


  • Process 500 to 500,000 card-not-present credit card transactions per month
  • Take card-not-present credit card orders via the Internet, mail order, telephone or fax
  • Maintain cards-on-file for the convenience of repeat customers or ongoing billing
  • Use e-commerce, call center or financial system software to drive credit card transactions
  • Need help meeting PCI requirements for safely processing and protecting customer card data
  • Want to minimize business risk by removing sensitive customer card data from their internal systems


To learn more about CardVault, download the free white paper, Stopping Data Cyberthieves In Their Tracks.

For free business tips about how to keep customer card data safe and avoid becoming the next breach headline, download 3Delta Systems’Top 10 Business Best Practices for Fighting Credit Card Theft and Fraud.”

For more information about Data Privacy Day, led by the National Cyber Security Alliance – a nonprofit, public-private partnership dedicated to cybersecurity education and awareness – visit or on Twitter using the hashtag #DPD14.

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